GTI Launches Writing Skills Booklet

GTI is delighted to announce an exciting new publication which focuses its attention on a core issue that underpins so much of what education is about – the skill of writing. There is no denying that the deluge of information that is available to us in the digital age can compromise our ability to write correctly and concisely. It is for this reason that GTI has embraced the notion of literacy in the classroom to its full capacity by creating a user friendly product. This will help learners write more effectively and consequently develop confidence in the written assessment they will submit during their year at GTI.

Writing skills are an important part of communication and the medium we use to communicate must convey an excellence in the written word. Our learners at GTI use a variety of communication methods eg written projects, blogs, email and the creation of their own website. This work demands a high level of competence in writing skills.

The publication entitled ‘A Guide to Writing at GTI’ offers the learner numerous ideas about how to start, complete and conclude a standard written project or report. It will also assist the learner to structure the writing so that it conveys purpose to both writer and reader.

The notion of literacy has rightly been catapulted to the fore in all educational settings over the past number of years and embraced by the DES as a real challenge for all. It is with this in mind that GTI has once again listened to the needs of its learning community and responded to this by creating this unique user friendly booklet ‘A Guide to Writing at GTI’.