The Teaching Improvement Partnership Project

The Teaching Improvement Partnership Project is an Erasmus+ programme led by GRETB [GTI] with partners from UK, Turkey, Czech Republic and Portugal.  The project aims to strengthen the recruitment, selection and induction of Educators, promote inclusive education & training systems whilst supporting and promoting work-based learning in all its forms.  Partners will explore the potential for further strengthening key competencies in Vocational Education & Training by enhancing the knowledge and skills of staff through training and by promoting work-based learning in the curriculum.  The objectives include the exchange of best practice across partner countries by delivering 5 modules of teacher training activities and upskilling educators. The Teaching Improvement Partnership Project is led by GRETB thorugh GTI.  The project aims to deliver a set of curricular resources which can be delivered across Europe by teachers, produce a series of case-studies focusing on teaching methodologies, a resource directory and a keynote paper 'The Way Forward'.