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Spanish Beginners

This course is CLOSED - no applications are currently being accepted for it.


Course Name: Spanish Beginners 

Course Overview: Introduction Spanish language and basic phrases used in Spain.

Course Outline:

Introduction and greetings (talking about oneself)

Everyday routines using Present simple (i.e. I get up at 7.30 etc).

Prepositions of place, Verbs AR, ER, IR,

More on “SER” and “ESTAR” (to be)

Adjectives e.g. tall/short etc

Describing house and home

Singular and Plural

Everyday conversations.

Revision of numbers

Listening: shopping, the family, asking directions, checking into a hotel etc

Vocabulary Books: “La practica “and “Espanol 2000 “

Award: Certificate of Attendance (on request) to

Course fee120.00
Monday 15/01/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 22/01/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 29/01/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 05/02/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 19/02/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 26/02/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 05/03/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 12/03/201819:00 - 21:30