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Interior Design

This course is CLOSED - no applications are currently being accepted for it.


Course: Introduction to Interior Design: Evenings

In this Course you will learn the basic principals used in interior design, to design a room to a professional standard from the initial idea to adding the finishing touches. You will apply all the skills you have learned throughout the course to a room of your choice, finishing with a sample board, which will be an invaluable tool to have when designing your room.

Programme Objectives:

Introduction to colour part 1: Understand colour theory, learn how to use the colour wheel and learn about colour relationships.

Introduction to colour part 2: Psychological effects of colour, and how to use colour in interior design to benefit us. You will learn how to create successful colour schemes. Learn about points to consider when selecting colour.

Introduction to Styles: Learn about the most popular styles today and learn how to create them.

 Introduction to pattern and texture: Learn how to apply pattern and texture successfully in interior design

Space planning part 1: Survey a room: Learn how to survey a room & how to draw freehand floor plans. Learn how to draw scaled floor plans.

 Space planning part 2: Learn about Space planning and arranging furniture and creating scaled Furniture  layouts

Introduction to Floor and wall finishes: Learn about the different types of floor and wall finishes and learn how to use these to create a stylish interior.

 Introduction to Window treatments: Learn about the different types of window treatments, and how window treatments create a stylish interior Introduction to Lighting:

Introduction to Lighting: Learn about all the different types of lighting and how to use lighting to create a stylish interior .

Create a sample Board: To use as a design tool for a room you wish to design You will apply all of the techniques you have learned throughout the course to create this sample board and design a room of your choice to a professional standard

Aim of course: To provide an insight into the processes involved in Interior Design for Domestic Premises. Who is the course for? This would appeal to someone who has a strong interest in design and detail.






Course fee120.00
Monday 15/01/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 22/01/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 29/01/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 05/02/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 19/02/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 26/02/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 05/03/201819:00 - 21:30
Monday 12/03/201819:00 - 21:30