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Digital Marketing QQI 5N1364

This course is CLOSED - no applications are currently being accepted for it.


Course Name;  Digital Marketing Level 5 Minor Award 5N1364

Course Overview

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge,

skill and competence to develop and execute digital marketing

strategies and activities, under supervision, using a range of e-tools

within a range of digital marketing contexts.

Course Outline

Learners will be able to:

1 Outline the unique characteristics of the web as a marketing  medium

2 Differentiate digital marketing from traditional marketing practice

3 Identify digital marketing strategies and explain their integration

with traditional marketing

4 Outline the stages of analysis, development, implementation and

control of digital marketing campaigns

5 Identify e-tools to include social media marketing, blogs, rich

media, email marketing, search engine optimization, online

advertising and their application to digital marketing campaigns

6 Outline strengths and weaknesses across a range of e-tools

7 Develop customised digital marketing campaigns to include the use of e-tools

8 Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns using analytical e-tools

9 Plan a digital marketing campaign from inception to completion

10 Choose appropriate e-tools to implement a digital marketing strategy

11 Monitor digital marketing campaigns and use e-tools to include

web analytics, social media monitoring and social bookmarking,

to measure their effectiveness

12. Demonstrate a range of client management relationship skills to

establish and maintain the business-to-business process.

Certification: QQI Level 5 Digital Marketing 5N1364


Course fee210.00
Exam registration fee20.00
Tuesday 10/04/201818:45 - 22:00
Tuesday 17/04/201818:45 - 22:00
Tuesday 24/04/201818:45 - 22:00
Tuesday 01/05/201818:45 - 22:00
Tuesday 08/05/201818:45 - 22:00
Tuesday 15/05/201818:45 - 22:00
Tuesday 22/05/201818:45 - 22:00
Tuesday 29/05/201818:45 - 22:00
Tuesday 05/06/201818:00 - 22:00