Manual and Computerised Payroll QQI Level 5 Tuesday

Course Name–Manual and Computerised Payroll 5N1546

Award–QQI Level 5 minor award

Course Overview

The manual and computerised payroll training is designed to enable the learner the knowledge and skills to carry out the payroll function in a small or medium enterprise.Participants will learn how to manually calculate wages including PAYE, USC and PRSI, set up and maintain computerised payroll systems and make revenue returns according to the latest Finance Acts and regulations We use Sage The qualification is a good addition to the CV of anyone wishing to improve career prospects in office administration or payroll.

Course Content

Students learn how to calculate weekly and monthly payroll using manual tax deduction and USC deduction certificates and then follow on applying their skills gained in manual payroll using Sage computerised payroll software.

  • Learn, understand and explain key terminology associated with payroll.
  • Outline advantages and disadvantages of using manual/computerised payroll systems.
  • Process the payroll for employee(s), using manual and computerised systems, under the cumulative tax system, to include; various elements of gross pay, holidays, unpaid leave, cut-off points, credits, all statutory and non-statutory deductions
  • Emergency and Week 1 basis of tax
  • Mid-year setup
  • Extracting records for mid-year and end of year reporting
  • New employees – employees leaving
  • Tax Forms
  • Different types of assessment for tax
  • The online Revenue system
  • Impact of legislation

Entry Requirements

A keen interest in working with numbers with the ability to calculate percentages. Basic computer skills to be able to access the Revenue online website and use email. Knowledge of spreadsheet software (Excel) is useful to the student but not a requirement.

Tutor Biography

Teresa has an industry/educational background which enables her to ensure that the training provided is practical,work related training. Teresa has many years’ experience in providing training and mentoring to people on job placement as well as facilitating their journey to QQI major award. She provides training in business applications such as manual and computerised (Sage) payroll and bookkeeping, office administration skills with additional soft skills such as customer service and communication skills.

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