Understanding Special Needs QQI Level 5 Monday

Course Name: Understanding Special Needs QQI Level 5 (5N1709)

Award: Certificate of Attendance (on request).

Understanding Special Needs QQI 5N1709 

The purpose of this award is to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and competence required to work effectively, under direction in a special needs setting. This award will also give learners an understanding of the context of special needs, the associated issues and approaches.

1 Understand the concept of need in relation to disability 

2 Identify relevant international policy relating to individuals with special needs 

3 Identify a range of special needs conditions and impairments

4 Outline a range of causes, diagnosis and prognosis of the different conditions and impairments 

5 Interpret current legislation relating to special needs provision and identify the main points of the legislation 

6 Interpret the current national policies relating to special needs provision and identify the main policy implications 

7 Compile a list of local and national resources, services and facilities available to individuals with special needs 

8 Devise strategies for the promotion of good practice within a special needs setting 

9 Examine the history of special needs service provision in Ireland to date 

10 Understand the emotional and practical implications of having a family member with special needs 

11 Explain the common terms and language used in the area of disability with due regard to contemporary best practice in the use of language in this field 12 Describe the roles of support staff including childcare workers and special needs assistants in the context of special needs 

13 Describe the roles of the interdisciplinary team members and professionals in the context of individuals with special needs 

14 Describe the different learning and therapy programmes provided by professionals in the area of special needs 

15 Outline the key elements of good practices for people working with individuals with special needs in various settings e.g. advocacy, confidentiality, equality, independence etc.

Tutor Biography

Emma has worked with  groups from the Early Years; Primary; Secondary; Further, Adult and Community Education in the public and private sectors delivering a wide range of courses from Child Psychology to Palliative Care through a variety of media - from class-based to online learning environments. Emma has volunteered within the area of the Equality and the realisation of the Rights of the Child and in the promotion of language and literacy, among others.

Email Address: emmanutley@ymail.com