Special Needs Assisting QQI Level 6 (Starts April 11th) Thursday

Course Title - Special Needs Assisting 6N1957

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the theory and practice underpinning the education and care of those who present with special educational needs to enable the learner to assist in the provision of this education and care. 

1 Evaluate the provision of education for people with special educational needs with reference to current legislation 

2 Assess the various educational options available in Ireland for people with special educational needs 

3 Examine relevant theories, skills and processes relevant to curriculum implementation 

4 Explore the differences between integration and inclusion 

5 Organise learning opportunities in  order to promote independence and responsibility 

6 Evaluate the importance of the multidisciplinary team in devising Individual Education Plans 

7 Analyse skills that can be used to aid the teacher in the administration of the national curriculum 

8 Assess interventions and behavior management techniques that may be used in the learning environment

9 Manage meaningful activities that are suited to people¿s needs and connect with their experiences and interests in the learning environment 

10 Identify strategies for dealing with stressors within the work place 

11 Provide assistance in the provision of education and care for individuals that present with special educational needs 

12 Reflect on own attitudes, values , beliefs and assumptions in relation to working with and on behalf of people who present with disabilities.

Tutor Bioghraphy

Emma has worked with  groups from the Early Years; Primary; Secondary; Further, Adult and Community Education in the public and private sectors delivering a wide range of courses from Child Psychology to Palliative Care through a variety of media - from class-based to online learning environments. Emma has volunteered within the area of the Equality and the realisation of the Rights of the Child and in the promotion of language and literacy, among others.

Email Address: emmanutley@ymail.com 


Which course is right for me?    

Understanding Special Needs (Monday) gives a background on the whole area of Special/additional Needs in Ireland; it goes into great detail on all of the Special Needs; and gives us information on how to meet these Needs. This course is of benefit to learners in any background: health: education; childcare etc.    

Level 5 Special Needs Assisting (Tuesday/Wednesday) addresses the job of the SNA and you will have a look at the law in the area; how to support children’s care Needs in a school setting; and how to put your learning into practice, improving all of the time. This course is beneficial for people who wish to work in education and childcare 

Level 6 Special Needs Assisting (Thursday) covers the way the law has changed to meet the education needs of people with additional needs; it looks at ways to meet those education needs; the course works on developing a positive attitude and better understanding of additional needs; and strategies on how to manage your workload. This course is beneficial for people who wish to work in healthcare; education; and childcare.   

 Are there exams?  

 No, there is no exam on any of these courses. They are assessed through written work and tasks that are relevant to the role of meeting additional needs.     

Can I go straight to level 6?  

Ideally, you will complete level 5 first as no one of these courses replaces the other. Lots of people do all of the courses. Whether you go on to level 6 depends on the level of study you have already covered. If you haven’t done anything at level 5, start at that level. If you have a level 5 or you have been to college, then you would be able to meet the requirements of the level 6 course.

Do I need a placement?

All learners are encouraged to seek out a voluntary placement - a couple of hours a week is fine - in order to apply your learning. It is not compulsory, instead it is an opportunity to prepare you to work as an SNA or in another role meeting people’s additional needs. 

Can I do more than one course?  

 Yes you can. Learners often do sign up for two courses as the content from one helps in their understanding of the other.