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Further Education 2022-2023

Advanced Certificate in Film and Documentary 6M5130

GTI's Advanced Certificate in Film and Documentary course allows students to develop their film and documentary-making skills using professional and specialised equipment with the support of dedicated, experienced teachers. In addition to this, Galway’s reputation as a student friendly city and its status as a UNESCO City of Film are part of what make GTI such a great place to study film and television. Throughout the year, students will be challenged and engaged by a range of media projects both in GTI and in the industry including the production of their own films and documentaries. Students have the opportunity to take part in a three week industry work placement either in Ireland or in a European country as part of the Erasmus+ programme. Learners will also be involved in screening films and documentaries at an end of year cinema screening.

This course is designed to

Provide students with the skills necessary to work in the rapidly growing Media Industry in Ireland and abroad.

entry Requirements
  • QQI Level 5 Media Award such as 5M2464 Journalism, 5M5048 Animation & Gaming, 5M2146 Multimedia and Games Design, 5M5158 TV & Film Production, 5M2146 Music Production, 5M2149 Studio and Live Sound Production.

Mature Applicants welcome.

Interview required.

  • Media Ethics and Legal Framework 6N5453
  • Media Industry Awareness 6N5505
  • Film & Digital Video Production 6N5428
  • Communications 6N1950
  • Work Experience 6N1946
  • Digital Video Processing and Production 6N5426
  • Documentary Production 6N18514
  • Sound Engineering and Music Technology 6N5456

Learners may also have the opportunity to study Maths as an extra module.

How the course is taught

GTI has developed a style of teaching to meet the needs of a diverse community of learners. We make extensive use of advanced multimedia and internet based technologies to bring subject matter to life and to ensure effective learning. Whenever possible, we use a Learn-by-Doing approach to make the learning experience more realistic and enjoyable. We provide learning supports that are tailored to the needs of individual learners.

  • Advanced Certificate in Media Production QQI Level 6 6M5130
Professional Certification

QQI Level 6

  • Student Service Fee: €175

  • QQI Certification Fees: €80

TOTAL: €255


This is a full-time one-year course and runs from September to May.

Adult Education

Full-time registered students of GTI may access a range of adult education courses at a reduced fee.

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Please Note

GTI reserves the right to make changes in any course, to limit the number of places available or to withdraw a course. No part of this information shall be deemed to form a contract between the Institute and a student or third party.

Student Testimonial: Lukasz Langowski

The Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Film and Documentary gave me the education and experience necessary to confidently step into third level education and seek a career in film. The course perfectly balances theory and practical exercises and gives students the information they need to begin creating their own films and video projects to a high standard. The Erasmus program allowed me to go to Finland for 3 weeks and experience a professional working environment in a film studio where we were given a variety of projects to work on. It also let me experience a country and culture very different to my own as well as establish international connections I keep to this day. I highly recommend this course to anybody interested in film and those looking for a good pathway into third level education. Lukasz Langowski

Progression to Higher Education

PROGRESSION TO HIGHER EDUCATION Students who successfully complete this course may have entry to Third Level Institutes and Colleges through the Higher Education Links Schemes.

*TL805 - Computing with Multimedia

*DK863 - Communications in Creative Multimedia

*DK864 - Film and Documentary

*MH109 - Media Studies

*CW578 - TV & Media Production

*LC276 - Creative Broadcast and Film Production

The most up-to-date information on Higher Education Links is located at the CAO website.

Visit CAO QQI Requirements Lookup for further information.

Direct Progression Links from GTI

Students who successfully complete the course may be considered for direct progression to the second year of LIT’s Creative Broadcast & Film Production programme.