Yoga Beginners (8.30pm-10.00pm) Monday

Course Overview

This course is suitable for people with little or no knowledge of yoga, as a gentle introduction to various yoga practices including working with the breath, physical postures and meditation.

Course content

Each course will cover the following practices in a systematic and gentle progression over the term of 10 weeks.

  • Hatha Yoga

Gentle postures using stretching, balance, stamina and coordination to help the student become more body aware.

  • Pranayama ( Breathing )

Developing an awareness and control of the subtle power of breath through various techniques to quieten the mind and body

  • Yoga Nidra ( Meditation )

Each class will finish with a guided meditation.

Class Information

  • No food or drink should be taken 1 hour before class.
  • Loose comfortable clothing should be worn
  • Bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie on.
  • There is a max of 12 people for this course.

Tutor Biography

Trish Connolly has been teaching in GTI for 13 years. She trained in 2002/3 with Galway Yoga and has been teaching ever since in regular classes in Galway city and county (only in the past ) She also has been teaching in the area of disability with Ability West and with the older person

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