Italian Continuation Monday

Course Overview

This programme is suitable for students who have completed a beginners’ course or have some previous knowledge of the Italian language. The aim of the course is to enable students to improve their linguistic competence and their ability to communicate in Italian in a stimulating and interactive classroom environment.

Course Content  

Topics covered include:

Expressing likes and dislikes

Talking about daily routine

Getting local information -in person or over the phone- and planning activities

Expressing your opinion

Shopping for items of clothing and making comparisons

Explaining what’s happened using the past tense

Saying how you are feeling

Making/accepting/ refusing invitations

Talking about Italian food & wine


Entry Requirements

Completion of “Italian for Beginners” course - or equivalent – or some previous knowledge of the Italian language

Tutor Biography

Daniela has extensive experience teaching Italian in Italy, the UK and Ireland and holds a PhD in Italian literature. She has taught at both secondary and university level and has been working in adult education for the last 15 years. Daniela is a passionate, highly trained and effective teacher who always strives to create stimulating learning environments and achieve the best outcome for all of her students.


Gretb email address:

Materials Needed: The recommended textbook for the course is Lamping, A., Talk Italian 2, BBC Active