11. First Aid Responder (FAR) May 13th/17th/18th Saturday


First Aid Responder


The Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) has designed the First Aid Response (FAR) Standard to offer appropriate training to individuals and groups who require a first aid skillset including Cardiac First Response. This standard is designed to meet First Aid and Basic Life Support (BLS) requirements that a person known as a “First Aid Responder” may encounter.

The First Aid Responder will possess the following general skills:

  • Deal with life threatening or potentially life threatening conditions in the pre-hospital environment until the arrrival of emergency medical services.
  • Provide First Aid Response for conditions not thought to be life-threatening but which are necessary to prevent further harm before the emergency medical services arrive.
  • Provide pre-hospital First Aid Response in a wide range of environments including work, home and recreational settings.
  • Display the requisite personal skills including composure, competence and self confidence while understanding their limitations.

Course Duration:

3 Days which can be completed on consecutive days or over a number of weeks.

Course Content:

Patient Assessment

Incident procedures

Cardiac First Response (CFR Community) including defibrillation, choking and stroke

Common Medical Emergencies (Asthma, Diabetes, Seizures, Poisoning and Fainting)

Injury Management and Shock (Bleeding, Bone Injuries, Sprains, Strains & Dislocations, Shock)

Burns and scalds, electric injury care

Hypothermia and Hyperthermia

Information Management


The well-being of the First Aid Responder.


There is a practical and theory assessment which takes place at the end of Day 3.

Course participants must complete a multiple choice examination paper and a mark of 80% or greater must be achieved to successfully complete the course. There will also be a FAR skills test and a CFR skills test.

Certification:Certification is under the auspices of PHECC. Successful candidates must recertify every 2 years.