SP Level 5 GAA Coaching 5N5085 (Starts Jan 11th) GTI Full-Time Students

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in technical, tactical, and team play aspects of the game of Gaelic Football to enable the learner to assist in coaching Gaelic Football to children, youths and adults. 

Learning Outcomes Learners will be able to: 

1 Explain the basic rules of full and adapted versions of Gaelic Football 

2 Investigate the National Governing Body, Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) programmes available for skill development 

3 Outline the GAA philosophy of coaching Gaelic Football to children, youths and adults 

4 Identify the different types of developmental games appropriate to Children, Youths or Adults 

5 Explain the concept of physical literacy 2 

6 Identify the different movements within Gaelic games

7 Explain the GAA code of practice for dealing with young children 

8 Explain the coaching process through the ‘How to Coach’ Skills to include, building rapport, explaining, demonstrating, observing, analysing, generating and providing Feedback 

9 Outline the role and responsibility of the coach and assistant coach in Gaelic Football and how this may differ when working with different playing groups 

10 Demonstrate the safe use of personal and coaching equipment in Gaelic Football 

11 Identify best practice in protecting the welfare of underage players, to include, identifying different categories of abuse, indicators associated with abuse and appropriate response procedure to disclosure of abuse 

12 Demonstrate a range of skills and team play in the game of Gaelic Football 

13 Set up effective practice sessions to improve technical, tactical and team play aspects of the game 

14 Ensure safe practice for all participants at all times 

15 Demonstrate effective coaching techniques appropriate to both the age and performance level of the player 

16 Assist a coach in organising a programme of Games and Skill Development, adapting activities appropriate to the participants needs and abilities 

17 Assist a coach in organising progressive activities to develop physical literacy skills appropriate to Gaelic Football 

18 Assist a coach in organising progressive activities to develop key skills 

19 Demonstrate communication skills appropriate to players of different age groups 

20 Evaluate own performance and impact on a coaching session