Abstract Painting NEW! (Classroom Based) Monday

Course Name: Abstract Painting. ( New Class) 

Award: Certification of Attendance ( on request ) 

Course overview: This course is for those who are interested in finding out more about painting in an abstract way. It is for complete beginners and also those who have been painting for a long time, and would like to find new ways to move forward in their painting practice. 

Course Content: 

The course will begin with mark making, and exploring the marks that are unique to you. You will learn how to see and understand tonal values, which will create form and contrast in your paintings. In working step by step, asking visual questions, and building your visual knowledge, you will learn how to move your painting along. 

The course will examine: 

  • Mark making, using Pencil and Charcoal, looking at line quality. Line can be one of the most expressive structural elements in a painting. Variety of line can evoke an emotional response, developing a deep connection with your work.
  • Looking at darks and lights, understanding values and contrasts.
  • Collage, as a means to explore composition. Arranging of parts, adding and subtracting elements, leading to a balanced image.
  • Shapes and shape relationships, looking at how different shapes and forms can relate to one another.
  • Exploring Colour. Looking at warm and cool colours and seeing how muted tones can develop ones personalised colour palette.
  • How to achieve movement and energy in a painting, leading the viewers eye to be drawn around the painting by the vitality of elements.

Tutor Biography:

Anne O’ Byrne is a practicing Visual Artist who has been teaching Paint in GTI for the past ten years. She studied in the Limerick College of Art and Design and holds an Honours Degree in Fine Art from GMIT Galway 2010. 

Anne works out of her studio in Artspace Studios in Galway, and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work features in the collections of Bank of Ireland, Galway City Council, Office of Public Works, and NUI Galway. Anne’s method of teaching encourages you to uncover your own style of creating.Through careful, considerate guidance and individual attention, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, you will learn the joy of painting in an abstract way. 

Gretb email address: anne.obyrne@gretb.ie 

Materials Needed: First class: 3B Pencil - Willow charcoal sticks - masking tape - eraser ( Paper will be supplied) Supplies for subsequent classes ie. Oil and Acrylic paints, brushes, and paper, will be discussed on the first night.