Spanish Beginners (Classroom Based) (September 26th) Monday

Course Name - Spanish Beginners

Award - Certificate of Attendance (on request). 

Course Overview

This course is suitable for those learning Spanish for the first time or may have a little knowledge of the language.

Course Content  

  • Introduction and greetings (talking about oneself)
  • Ordering food /drink
  • Vocabulary: things in the classroom
  • Numbers 1 to 1000, colours, adjectives i.e. Tall short, big, small etc
  • Describing people and things, days of the week, months etc
  • Asking and giving directions eg. where is the bank, chemist etc
  • Shopping family
  • House and Home
  • Checking into a hotel/ holidays
  • Grmmar covered: Present simple tense, forming sentences eg I go to the cinema on Fridays.
  • Prepositions and verbs
  • Listening comprehensions i.e. Everyday conversations with native speakers.

Entry Requirements


Tutor Biography

Dennis has been tutoring Spanish at GTI for many years and has an in depth knowledge of Spanish having spent the early part of his career teaching and translating in Northern Spain. he is a fluent speaker and his teaching methodologies are effective and successful. His knowledge of the language and the conutrt make his classes vibrant and educational.He makes learning Spanish enjoyable and fun and gets his students practicing from the get go. The fact that many of his students return each year is testament to the quality of his teaching.

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