Introduction to Counselling Skills (Theory and Practice) Wednesday

Course Name - Introduction to Counselling skills (theory and practice)

Award - Certificate of Attendance (on request). Please

Introduction to Counselling skills (theory and practice)

Course Overview

This programme is suitable for individuals who wish to learn more about the theory and practice of counselling and how to apply counselling skills and principles in relevant situations.

Course Content

·         Overview of the counselling and psychotherapy field.

·         Theoretical models and approaches.

·         Career opportunities and best practice in training.

·         Best practice in accessing a competent therapist.

·         Applying counselling skills in interpersonal situations.

·         Understanding our emotions.

·         Counselling skills development through demonstration & practice.

·         Theoretical input through lectures and lecture notes.

Tutor Biography

Norman is a senior Psychotherapist, trainer and clinical supervisor at Galway Counselling Studies, Furbo. Originally trained in psychiatric and general nursing he went onto study psychotherapy in the 1980’s. He has lectured in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychotherapy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for many years including part time at GMIT (1993-2014). He worked full time in the mental health services of UK and Ireland for over 20 years. Norman has written on many subjects in the local and national press: Teen trouble (1996); A sense of the past (1999); Change for the Better (2000); Managing change in difficult times (2011); Put off procrastinating (2012); Don't fight change (2013); How to Get a good night’s sleep (2013); How to stop worrying (2013); Dealing with Anger (2014); and How to Overcome a Bad Mood (2017).

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