Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised QQI Level 5 Thursday

Course Name-Book-keeping Manual and Computerised 5N1354

Award- QQI Level 5Minor Award Level 5

Course Overview

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competence to produce and maintain accurate bookkeeping records for a range of organisations, using manual and computerised systems.

It is suitable for:

Self-employed business owners who would like to understand and efficiently maintain their own book-keeping records to provide complete and accurate books of account for their accountant and gain a better understanding of their business performance for improved decision making.Individuals working in one section of an accounts department of an organisation who would like to learn more about bookkeeping and understand the bigger picture with a view to changing roles or promotion.Anyone wishing to learn about book-keeping for the first time with a view to changing careers.

Course Content

Learners will be able to:

1Explain the key terminology associated with the recording and maintenance of bookkeeping records, using manual and computerised systems

2Outline the advantages and disadvantages of a computerised system over a manual one for record keeping purposes

3Complete the books of first entry with appropriate VAT and departmental analysis from the information contained in a range of source documents to include; invoices, credit notes, bank records, petty cash vouchers

4Post the information from the daybooks to the appropriate accounts in the ledgers

5Extract a trial balance at the end of an accounting period

6Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement from data supplied

7Prepare the end-of-period VAT Return in accordance with the requirements of the Revenue Commissioners

8Process all tasks as per the manual ones using an accounts package, comparing manual and computerised results

9Analyse tasks completed making appropriate corrections to any errors and editing of data as directed

10Print a selection of reports after backing up computerised data on a suitable medium.

Entry Requirements

None.Just an interest in book-keeping and availability to attend classes and devote the necessary time outside class to complete the work required for achievement.

Tutor Biography

Catherine Silke is a Business graduate from the University of Limerick and a qualified Chartered Accountant. She is currently completing a Professional Diploma in Further Education in NUIG. As a teacher her main goal is to help learners to achieve the programme learning aims and outcomes.She will ensure a diligent and conscientious approach to the preparation of relevant and appropriate lesson material that is pitched at a level suitable for the learners. However,she is mindful that many adult learners are lifelong participants and flourish in a social learning setting where participation and interaction with other learners is essential for motivation and achievement. Creating an environment that promotes these goals and adopting teaching methods and strategies that encourage contributions and relationship building will facilitate this end.

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Materials needed: pen, paper, and calculator