German Beginners Thursday

This programme is suitable for individuals wishing to develop conversational skills to speak German

  • Interpersonal Communication:greet/ take leave; say yes / no / please / thank you; make an apology; recognise words on notices/signs; time; quality; quantity; space; attitudes; contacts; comparisons; loss/theft/ missing etc.
  • Personal Information:first/family name; age/nationality/ occupation etc.
  • Breakdown in Communication:ask “do you speak English?”; signal non-understanding; ask for repetition/speak more slowly etc.
  • Travel and Accommodation:public transport; departure / arrivals; vending machines; book / pay / enquire about accommodation etc.
  • Food and Drink:order/pay; understand a menu and programmes; types of meat/ vegetables/dairy products etc.
  • Shopping and Making Purchases:opening/closing times; different departments; size/colour/price; postal rates/stamps/ telephone cards; follow operator instructions; telephone book/ directory etc.