Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised QQI Level 6 Monday

Course Name: Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised 6N4865

Course overview

The purpose of this award is to offer learners an opportunity to follow on from their learning at Level 5 Bookkeeping manual and computerised.  It will equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competence in more advanced principles and practice of manual and computerised (Sage) Bookkeeping to enable learners to complete bookkeeping accounts and reports in a range of vocational environments. 

Course entry requirements:

Learners need to have completed Level 5 Bookkeeping manual and computerised OR have a good understanding of bookkeeping principles and have a working knowledge of Sage (or another computerised bookkeeping package).

Tutor Biography 

Catherine Silke is a Business graduate from the University of Limerick and a qualified Chartered Accountant.  She has also completed a Professional Diploma in Further Education in NUIG.  As a teacher her main goal is to help learners to achieve the programme learning aims and outcomes.   She will ensure a diligent and conscientious approach to the preparation of relevant and appropriate lesson material that is pitched at a level suitable for the learners.  However, she is mindful that many adult learners are lifelong participants and flourish in a social learning setting where participation and interaction with other learners is essential for motivation and achievement.   Creating an environment that promotes these goals and adopting teaching methods and strategies that encourage contributions and relationship building will facilitate this end.

Gretb email address:

Materials needed: pen, paper, calculator & folder with dividers  

FET Credit 

Every FET certificate and component specification includes an FET credit value. FET credit is quantified in multiples of 5 FET credits (up to 50 hours of learner effort). Learner effort is based on the time taken by typical learners at the level of the award to achieve the learning outcomes for the award. It includes all learning time involved including: guided learning hours, self-directed learning and assessment.

Project support is available to students from their tutor.