Employment Law QQI Level 5 (Online) Monday

1 Explain the principal features of a contract of employment and the various terms contained with in it 

2 Analyse the differences between a contract for services and a contract of service 

3 Summarise employee rights in relation to minimum wages, minimum notice, terms of employment and leave entitlements 

4 Examine equality legislation including the procedure for taking a case under current legislation

5 Explore employer and employee duties and responsibilities under Common Law 

6 Examine the main provisions of the current Unfair Dismissals legislation, Constitutional and European Rights of employees and the procedure for taking a claim under the legislation for unfair dismissal 

7 Examine dispute resolution procedures in Employment Law, including the role and function of industrial relations bodies 

8 Explore the main provisions of current Safety Health and Welfare legislation as it pertains to employers and employees 

9 Summarise employment rights pertaining to pensions and redundancies 

10 Analyse the implications of the Data Protection and the Freedom of Information legislation in the workplace