Special Needs Assisting QQI Level 5 (Online Course) Monday

Course Name- Special Needs Assisting QQI 5N1786

This an optional module for The Certificate in Early Childhood Care & Education QQI Level 5 major award.

Course Overview

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the practices and principles underpinning the role of a Special Needs Assistant to enable the learner to work effectively under direction in a special needs assisting capacity

Course Award QQI Minor Award Level 5 in Special Needs Assisting

Course Content

Learners will be able to:

  • Explore in the role and responsibilities of the Special Needs Assistant.
  • Examine the qualities and skills of an effective Special Needs Assistant.
  • Examine relevant legislation in relation to disability.
  • Explore the rights of children with disabilities in relation to personal autonomy, participation and decision making.
  • Relate effectively and appropriately to children who present with additional needs.
  • Use care routines in feeding, toileting and general hygiene.
  • Maintain appropriate relationships with children parents, primary carers, teachers and other members of the multidisciplinary team.
  • Work effectively with children who present with disabilities under the direction of the classroom teacher.
  • Assist children with disabilities in a range of activities, ensuring equality of opportunity through working in a safe and professional manner.
  • Reflect on personal practice working with children, their parents or guardians and colleagues ensuring that children's individuality is promoted and that their needs are met.


Which course is right for me?    

Level 5 Special Needs Assisting (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday) addresses the job of the SNA and you will have a look at the law in the area; how to support children’s care Needs in a school setting; and how to put your learning into practice, improving all of the time. This course is beneficial for people who wish to work in education and childcare 

Level 6 Special Needs Assisting (Thursday) covers the way the law has changed to meet the education needs of people with additional needs; it looks at ways to meet those education needs; the course works on developing a positive attitude and better understanding of additional needs; and strategies on how to manage your workload. This course is beneficial for people who wish to work in healthcare; education; and childcare.   

 Are there exams?  

 No, there is no exam on any of these courses. They are assessed through written work and tasks that are relevant to the role of meeting additional needs.     

Can I go straight to level 6?  

Ideally, you will complete level 5 first as no one of these courses replaces the other. Lots of people do all of the courses. Whether you go on to level 6 depends on the level of study you have already covered. If you haven’t done anything at level 5, start at that level. If you have a level 5 or you have been to college, then you would be able to meet the requirements of the level 6 course.

Do I need a placement?

All learners are encouraged to seek out a voluntary placement - a couple of hours a week is fine - in order to apply your learning. It is not compulsory, instead it is an opportunity to prepare you to work as an SNA or in another role meeting people’s additional needs. 

Can I do more than one course?  

 Yes you can. Learners often do sign up for two courses as the content from one helps in their understanding of the other.  

FET Credit 

Every FET certificate and component specification includes an FET credit value. FET credit is quantified in multiples of 5 FET credits (up to 50 hours of learner effort). Learner effort is based on the time taken by typical learners at the level of the award to achieve the learning outcomes for the award. It includes all learning time involved including: guided learning hours, self-directed learning and assessment. 


Project support is available to students from their tutor.