Life Drawing Studio Practice - Intermediate level. Wednesday

Life Drawing, Studio Practice, 10-week course.

NB intermediate/ advanced level.

This course is suitable for skill level, intermediate to advanced, with previous knowledge and experience in drawing / life drawing. 

In this course, you will be working from a nude model. 

The course is suitable for,

  • Life drawing enthusiasts with previous life drawing experience.
  • Art students who seek extra practice in the life room.
  • Practicing artists for who, life drawing would support their daily practice.

Essentially, this 10-week course would facilities those looking for a weekly life-drawing session, which would begin with shorter poses, progressing onto longer poses towards the end of the evening. There will be tea/coffee/ biscuits, mid-way through the evening, a chance to get to know one another.

I will be working alongside you, using different techniques, experimenting with various materials, which will enhance the group discussions. 

Remember, it’s important to keep in mind, that process/ making, is what’s more important, over the end product/ a pretty picture.

Prepare to get messy.

We are extremely lucky to have a professional model who brings such enthusiasm, commitment, and creativity to her craft.

Basic materials will be supplied, such as newsprint and cartridge paper, 3 grades of pencil, willow charcoal, conté compressed charcoal(colour: black), oil pastels(color: black) and Indian ink. 

*Bring own pots/jars for Indian ink and brushes, plus heavy paper, if needed.

Feel free to bring your own materials/paper/ sketch pads. 

Course Content 


* Develop and support your creativity 

* Hone your drawing /observational skills

* Hand-eye coordination

* Line drawing

* Tonal drawing

* Gestural drawing

* Experiment with various mediums 

* Get back into the rhythm of a life drawing room

* Practice 

A unique opportunity to connect with like minded individuals and get inspiration from seeing each other’s approach to working from life.