Digital Competencies: Managing Yourself Online (Classroom Based Course) Starts September 25th Monday

Course Name : Digital Competencies: Managing yourself online (Classroom Based Course)

Award- Certificate of Attendance (on request). 

Course Overview

This is an entry-level training course which aims to develop basic awareness of online browsing and electronic communication among the students. 

Computer, general/personal administration and information skills taught in practical classes and students will learn how to use their own laptop/smartphone. This programme is suitable for individuals who wish to learn how to be more savvy in their day to day personal administration and organisation. (Each session will include a detailed print out of step by step notes for each attendee).

Course Content

  • Personal Administration & Organisation for Beginners (Practical Classes)
  • Email address sign ins, write and send an email with an attachment etc.
  • Detailed information on subscriptions/sign ins for hobbies/interests etc.
  • Online shopping/setting up accounts
  • Health insurance claims – Laya/VHI Apps
  • ROS online/NDLS/My account set ups
  • Banking Apps – AIB & BOI & Credit Union logins/apps
  • Eircode & Google Maps searches – Motor Tax online renewals
  • Completing forms and general ad-hoc queries/student ideas, steps for continued progression and keeping abreast with trends

Tutor Biography

Geraldine Kilkenny is an administration and communications professional with over fifteen years of experience.

Geraldine is a published writer and also has experience in Private and Public Sector Finance and administration. Geraldine holds a level 8 degree in English from the University of Galway and a level 9 Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management from the Institute of Public Administration. Geraldine leads a communications and personal administration business, GFK Communications; where she assists people from various backgrounds succeed in their personal organisation, communication & administration needs – instilling confidence and independence to her clients. 


Materials Needed:

Email address and laptop/smartphone and a notebook and pen