Physiotherapy Assistant - Theory and Practice Tuesday

Award - Physiotherapy Assistant Practice 5N3770 and Physiotherapy Assistant Theory 5N3771 

This will be blended learning where the Theory Modules are online through Zoom and the Practice modules will be in person and they are intertwined meaning they must be taken as a pair of modules. The location for the in person classes will be MS Ireland, Cheshire House, Roscam H91 NPX0

The instructors are three CORU registered, Chartered Physiotherapists Dr Susan Coote, Mary Burke and Hugh O’Loughlin.

Each participant must have a CORU registered Chartered Physiotherapist nominated to supervise the candidate throughout the theory module and to assess the skill demonstration which is a requirement on the practical component of this course. The contact details, including email address, of the nominated Chartered Physiotherapist needs to be supplied prior to commencing the course

Week 1 26.09 In person

  • Intro to Physio – role of physio; role of PTA
  • Practical – planes of movement flex/extension

Week 2 03.10 Online

  • Anatomy – bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, arteries – function etc.
  • Anatomy – LL joints, muscles ROM - function

Week 3 10.10 In person

  • Gait and walking aids
  • Anatomy UL – joints, muscles, ROM - function

Week 4 17.10 Online

  • Clinical MSK/Ortho – (arthritis, Frozen shoulder, fractures, lig/muscle injury, surgery – bone healing – hip fracture – WB status)
  • Anatomy Neuro – intro to brain and spinal cord, PNS. Function of CNS, PNS.
  • Symptom of CNS dysfunction or lesion

Week 5 24.10 In person

  • Anatomy UL – movements, ranges
  • Cardio resp – RR, Pulse, temp, colour

Week 6 31.10 Online

  • Clinical conditions – CR – COPD, CF, IHD, CAD, bronchiectasis, emphysema
  • Clinical Neuro – MS, Stroke, TBI/ABI, SCI, PD, CP

Week 7 07.11 In person

  • Stretching

Week 8 14.11 Online

  • Documentation/reflection
  • Professionalism and communication

Week 9 - 21.11 In person

  • Transfers – bed mobility, transfers, sts
  • Clients practical – case study

Week 10 28.11 Online

  • Ax/Q&A/Case Study/Optional supervision