Spanish Beginners Monday

Spanish Beginners

Course Name - Spanish Beginners

Award - Certificate of Attendance (on request). 

Course Overview

This course is suitable for those learning Spanish for the first time or may have a little knowledge of the language.

Course Content  

  • Introduction and greetings (talking about oneself)
  • Ordering food /drink
  • Vocabulary: things in the classroom
  • Numbers 1 to 1000, colours, adjectives i.e. Tall short, big, small etc
  • Describing people and things, days of the week, months etc
  • Asking and giving directions eg. where is the bank, chemist etc
  • Shopping family
  • House and Home
  • Checking into a hotel/ holidays
  • Grmmar covered: Present simple tense, forming sentences eg I go to the cinema on Fridays.
  • Prepositions and verbs
  • Listening comprehensions i.e. Everyday conversations with native speakers.