Life Drawing for Beginners Tuesday

This course is for beginners 

Life Drawing 10-week course 

Get creative and try something new.

Life drawing is the best way to learn how to draw and develop hand-eye coordination. 

It is also a very relaxing and peaceful practice. A stress-free way to clear your head after a long, busy day.

This course is suitable for those with little or no experience in drawing the human figure or those who wish to refresh their skills.

The course will teach you to capture the human form through various mediums, pencil, graphite, ink, pastels and color washes. You will develop skills and techniques essential to life drawing, looking at the anatomy of the body, it’s proportions and the structure underneath. You will learn how to look at composition and where to place the figure on the page.

Life drawing is sometimes compared to handwriting, resulting in work that is unique and original. Perfection is not sought when drawing from life, you are simply trying to focus on what you see and record it in an expressive, original way. 

In a time-honoured tradition and to truly capture the human form, we will be using nude life models.

Course Content

* Develop and support your creativity 

* Hone your drawing /observational skills

* Hand-eye coordination

* Composition

* Mark making

* Line drawing

* Tonal drawing

* Gestural drawing

* Experiment with various mediums 

* Learn the rhythm of a life drawing room, starting with short, quick poses and building up to longer poses. 

* Practice 

Tutor Catherine Creaven