Art - Fine Art Drawing Techniques (Continuation) Wednesday

Award: Certificate of Attendance (on request).

Course Overview:

This course is suitable for continuation students who want to continue to develop their drawing techniques introduced in the beginner's class, as well as those who have a basic understanding of drawing techniques and some experience of drawing. We will continue to learn to draw by sharpening our observational skills and by practicing representing the world as we see it. You will continue to learn to understand the basic drawing concepts of measurement, perspective, positive/negative spaces as well as learning how to fill your line drawings with light and dark (tone) and by doing so create the illusion of 3-D on a 2-D surface. You will explore how light casts a shadow and affects the value in a drawing subject.

You will also try out drawing in different media e.g. Pencil, Charcoal, Indian Ink, Pastels( chalk and oil),Conte Drawing Pencils and Mixed Media

Students will be given instruction in the use of sketchbooks and sketching ideas as a starting point for an artwork. Emphasis is placed on keeping a research notebook and students are encouraged to use their notebook as a testing ground for techniques, thoughts, ideas and observational drawing. 

You will learn to appreciate the meditative experience of drawing and be amazed by how we all have our own unique understanding of our environment and how this shows so beautifully in the practice of drawing. All students learn from each other as well as from the tutor in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Course Content:

  • Drawing Exercises to improve Observational Skills
  • Drawing with Monochrome Drawing Materials- Pencil, Charcoal, Conte Crayon, Pen &Ink, Line &Wash, Brush Drawing & Colour Drawing Materials
  • Dexterity Exercises
  • Develop a Sketchbook of Drawing Studies- Collecting Visual Material
  • Drawing Form
  • Drawing with Line
  • Drawing from Life, Portraiture, Hands, Flower Studies, Domestic Still Life arrangements, Cityscape Studies in Indian inks, Drawing Animals & Mixed Media Demonstration
  • Drawing from Existing Images
  • Creating Original Images
  • Art Elements & Art Principles
  • Continue to create Illusions on a 2D surface
  • Learning in a Friendly & Relaxed Environment.


Medium-large Hardbound Portrait Pad with 40 sheets of smooth white acid free 135gsm paper. Suitable for pencil pen and ink.

Pencils 2B, 4B, 6B, graphite pencil, eraser, a pencil case &blender drawing tool and a selection of fine liners.