Art - Watercolour, Oil and Acrylic paint class: Continuation Wednesday

Course Name: Art Watercolour, Oil and Acrylic Paint Class -  Continuation.

Award: Certification of attendance ( on request )

Continuation Course overview:

This paint class is suitable for continuation students. We will explore colour concepts, colour mixing and application, incorporating 3D concepts and the use of mixed media.

Course Content:

  • Exploring line and 3D concepts.
  • Examining the use of colour through mixed media.
  • Considering small and large scale works.
  • Exploring the use of text in painting.
  • Looking at linocut print, and printing with everyday objects in the view to creating patterned works.
  • Abstract concepts.

Tutor Biography:

Anne O’ Byrne is a practicing Visual Artist who has been teaching Paint in GTI for the past eight years. She studied in the Limerick College of Art and Design and holds an Honours Degree in Fine Art from GMIT Galway 2010. Anne has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work features in the collections of Bank of Ireland, Office of Public Works, Galway City Council and NUI Galway.

Anne’s method of teaching encourages you to uncover your own style of creating.Through careful, considerate guidance and individual attention, in a relaxed atmosphere, you will learn the joy of painting.

Gretb email address:

Materials Needed:

Bring medium of your choice, either Oil, Watercolor, or Acrylic paints,  brushes, paper/board/canvas,  jar for water, pallet,, pencil, charcoal.