Further Education at GTI :: 2018-2019

Sports Performance and Coaching - Soccer/Rugby/GAA 5M5146

This course is currently CLOSED, and no further applications are being accepted. The course may re-open at some future point; in the meantime, please choose an alternative course.

This course has been designed to enable participants to improve their sports skills and gain recognised qualifications to work in sport related careers & industry. The course incorporates elements of Soccer, GAA, Rugby whilst also providing the opportunity to gain additional qualifications in Gym Instructor/Personal Training. Following successful completion of this course, students may progress to Level 7 & 8 Sports related courses in Institutes of Technology.


Enable participants to enhance and improve their existing sports skills. It has a high practical content, delivered by qualified coaches and is designed to develop existing sports skills to a very high standard as well as introducing students to a broad range of innovative coaching methods and sports administration skills.

  • Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Applied, or equivalent

  • Letter of recommendation from a recognised club

  • Interview

  • Mature applicants welcome

  • Skills & Fitness Test

  • Sport & Recreation Studies 5N2667

  • Sports Injury Prevention 5N5665

  • Gaelic Football Coaching 5N5085

  • Sports Anatomy & Physiology 5N4648

  • Exercise & Fitness 5N2668

  • Nutrition 5N2006

  • Occupational First Aid 5N1207

  • Communications 5N0690

  • Work Experience 5N1356

European Placements

Some students travel to Glasgow and Portugal for a work placement experience which allows them to apply their learning at GTI in both practical and theoretical contexts. This included club visits to Glasgow Celtic, Glasgow Rangers, St Mirren and Patrick Thistle.These placements are fully funded by Leargas as part of an EU project.


Sport, Recreation & Exercise 5M5146

Additional Certification
  • ITEC Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Gym-Based Exercise
  • ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training Gym-Based Exercise
  • Kickstart 1/2/Youthcert (FAI)
  • Code of Ethics & Child Protection (FAI)
  • Small sided Games (FAI)
  • Strength & Conditioning (FAI)
  • Rugby Level 1
  • Gaelic Games Level 1
  • Additional Certification may incur additional fees. Please check with Course Director for further details.

GTI has developed a style of teaching to meet the demands of a diverse community of learners.

  • This course has a very high practical element which involves participants being involved in physical activity on a daily basis.

  • We make extensive use of advanced multimedia and internet based technologies to bring subject matter to life and to ensure effective learning.

  • Whenever possible, we use a Learn-by-Doing approach to make the learning experience more realistic and enjoyable.

  • We provide learning supports that are tailored to the needs of individual learners.


Students who successfully complete this course may gain entry to Third Level Institutes and Colleges through the Higher Education Links Scheme.

  • The most up-to-date information on Higher Education Links is located at the CAO website.

  • Click here for details of CAO Requirements Lookup

  • Many of our graduates are currently studying sports courses at, Athlone IT, Blanchardstown IT, Limerick IT and Carlow IT.

  • ALIT Athlone Institute of Technology

  • AL663 Higher Certificate in Business in Sport & Recreation, Level 6

  • LIT Limerick Institute of Technology

  • LC422 Sports Strength & Conditioning (Tipperary), Level 8

  • LC423 Sports Strength & Conditioning (Tipperary), Level 7

  • ITB Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown BN111 Sports Management & Coaching, Level 8 (Minimum 3 Distinctions required)

  • CWIT Institute of Technology, Carlow

  • CW188 Sports Rehabilitation & Athletic Therapy, Level 8 (Minimum 3 Distinctions required)

  • CW198 Strength & Conditioning, Level 8 (Minimum 3 Distinctions required)

  • CW106 Physiology & Health Science, Level 6

  • CW178 Sports Science, Level 8
  • CW827 Sport and Exercise (Soccer), Level 7 Portfolio required

  • CW858 Sports Management and Coaching (GAA Rugby Soccer), Level 8 Portfolio and 3 Distinctions required​

  • Performance, Coaching, Health & Leisure Industry, Community Organisations, Club Administration, Further Study, Scholarships.
  • Student Service Fee: €250
  • DES Programme Participation Contribution: €200
  • QQI Examination Fees: €50
  • GTI Training Kit: €100
  • Occupational First Aid €98 Total €718

This is a full-time, one-year course and runs from September - May.


Full-time registered students of GTI may access a range of adult education courses at a reduced fee.

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GTI reserves the right to make changes in any course, to limit the number of places available or to withdraw a course. No part of this information shall be deemed to form a contract between the Institute and a student or third party.

Student Testimonial: Rachel O'Toole

GTI was definitely a step in the right direction for me, as during my time here studying sports and leisure-soccer skills,I have learned many new skills from improving my knowledge in the classroom to skills in the gym and one of the biggest highlights of my time here which really developed my social and communication skills was getting the opportunity to undertake work experience in Glasgow. Overall this course really helped and guided me towards my career in the sporting industry, enhancing my skills in more ways than one. I am very grateful to GTI for giving me the opportunity to further continue my studies at the University of Bolton, Manchester, where I am currently a second year student, studying Sports Rehabilitation. Without the help of my teachers here I would not be where I am today.