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2gether4ever Erasmus Project

2gether4ever Erasmus Project

What is the project about?

The project aims to exchange good practices in relation to motivation, guidance, and educational counseling in order to improve the personal and professional life of the project participants.


Who is involved?

There are 5 countries involved: Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, and Spain. All our organizations are related to education and we want our students to participate in this project in order to improve their learning. We believe it will be really enriching for our students because it is a great way to meet people from all over the world with similar interests.


When will it take place?

Italy - 7th to 11th of June, 2022

Where will it take place?

The mobility is in Rome, Italy. We will have a variety of problem-solving activities that we will prepare in class with the help of the teachers. Rome is a marvelous city where we will enjoy its food, weather, and culture in a friendly atmosphere.


Why it matters?

It is important for the participation of students since it is a way to develop life skills in a safe environment because every mobility activity will be supported by teachers and members of the project.


How will it be developed?

The students who are going to participate in this mobility project will prepare an activity in “the open classrooms” with the help of their teacher and then we will play all together this activity in Italy, with a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

The activity to be prepared in class is related to problems or difficulties you encounter in relation to education and/or working life. The activity will consist of solving these difficulties together, expressing possibilities, solutions, or alternatives to these difficulties. With this activity, we intend to develop creative thinking skills as well as reinforce motivational aspects among the participants. It will be developed in meetings aimed at this purpose, we call them “open classroom”, each teacher will organize his/her time and space with his/her students, in their own country and then we will share it in Italy.


Criteria student selection 4ever2gether project


Goal: a plan for the selection of participants in the mobilities with clear and transparent parameters, open to the educational community, including deadlines, publication dates, conditions for participation, merits to be assessed, etc:

Criteria student selection 4ever2gether project

  • Experience with early school leaving
  • Economic/social/geographical/educational issues
  • Over 18
  • Adequate communication skills
  • Adequate language skills (English)
  • Open-minded attitude
  • Motivated
  • Doing well in school career
  • Willing to share experiences with fellow students
  • Interest in international travel
  • Independent and self-sufficient

Participation is open to all students. Interested students should complete the application form. Interested students will be interviewed and 3 participants selected

Application form - deadline closed

Deadline: Monday 2nd May 6pm

Interviews will take place on Thursday 5th May