Galway Technical Institute

Erasmus + EMPOWERAI Project

The EMPOWERAI project aims to empower entrepreneurs, especially those from female dominated sectors, and VET teachers, by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively utilize and integrate AI into their companies and curricula. The project team will focus on fostering a deeper understanding of AI technologies and their strategic application to enhance innovation, competitiveness, and digital readiness within female entrepreneurs.

GTI/GRETB is the lead project partner for EMPOWERAI and the partners will work on project objectives. 

The Objectives:

EmpowerAI pursues several key objectives:

  • Enhance understanding of AI benefits among female entrepreneurs & VET teachers
  • Provide knowledge & skills to effectively apply AI tools for entrepreneurial purposes
  • Promote an entrepreneurial mindset embracing technology-driven transformation
  • Foster digital competence, creativity, innovation & lifelong learning
  • Support the digital empowerment of female entrepreneurs
  • Encourage inclusive and socially responsible approaches to AI integration
  • Promote gender equality in the digital marketplace

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