Galway Technical Institute

GTI Learner placements

KA1 2021 


The success of our KA1-2021 Erasmus+ program was evident as GTI students from various courses, spanning Business and Law, IT, Nursing, Emergency Care, Special Needs Assistants, Media, Hair & Beauty, Sport & Physical Therapy, and Animal Care, actively participated in placements across destinations such as Finland, Poland, Malta, Malaga, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Turkey. Erasmus+ placements present a multitude of advantages for students, enriching their personal, academic, and professional growth. 

For many students, the Erasmus+ experience stands out to be a highlight of their academic journey, creating lasting memories and friendships. These placements play a vital role in holistic student development by seamlessly blending academic learning with practical, real-world experiences on an international stage. 

Furthermore, our teaching staff also engaged in Courses and Training mobilities abroad, reaping numerous benefits. Such experiences contribute to their professional development, facilitate international networking, expose them to diverse educational approaches, refine teaching methods, enhance language skills, raise cultural awareness, and foster personal growth. As part of this initiative, we welcomed experts from Finland and Turkey to GTI, unlocking specialised knowledge, offering enhanced learning opportunities, facilitating valuable networking, and enriching teaching and learning experiences. 


KA1 2022 & KA1 2023  


Our ongoing KA1 2022 and KAS2023 Erasmus+ projects continue to be a significant part of GTI's initiatives. Once again, students from various courses across the college are actively participating in Erasmus+ Programs, spanning destinations such as Finland, Poland, Malta, Malaga, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Turkey. 


This opportunity allows students to not only reside in but also work in a different country, immersing themselves in a new cultural experience. The exposure to diverse languages, traditions, and social norms serves to broaden their perspectives. The practical experience of living and working in a foreign country becomes a conducive environment for enhancing language skills. 


Erasmus+ placements offer invaluable hands-on work experience within an international context. The exposure to varied work environments not only sharpens adaptability but also cultivates essential problem-solving skills. Moreover, the experience promotes the ability to collaborate effectively within multicultural teams, contributing to a well-rounded professional development for the participating students.