Terms & Conditions

Viable Course: For a course to commence, it is necessary to enrol a minimum number of participants. If this number is not reached, the course will be cancelled. If you have paid for a course which is subsequently cancelled, you will be notified and a full fee refund will be processed automatically. All other courses must remain viable and be self-financing: therefore NO REFUNDS, under any circumstances, are available once a course has commenced. A participant will not be permitted to commence a course/module unless the course/module has been paid for in full by the learner prior to commencement.

Fee Concession:  For a course to commence, it is necessary to enrol a minimum number of participants.  The disabled, registered unemployed and OAPs, may be entitled to a 25% reduction in tuition fees in certain viable courses if evidence to support that claim is presented at time of enrolment. This documentation must show your current status, home address & PPS number. A social welfare card is not acceptable, as it does not indicate current status. Refunds will not be made on evidence produced post-enrolment. Please note that a maximum of four places will be offered at the reduced rate per viable course. Concessions are not available on all courses.

Course Deferral: Once a course commences, participants may not defer their place on that course to another term.

Transfers Policy: If a participant wishes to transfer to a different course within the same term, a request should be sent in writing to Director of Adult Education, GTI, Fr. Griffin Road, Galway.

Assignments/Projects: Dates for submission of coursework will be provided by the tutor at the beginning of the course. Coursework will not be returned to the participant once submitted for assessment. Therefore, it is advised that a hard copy of all coursework submitted should be retained by the student. 

Self-directed learning: It is the responsibility of the participants to inform themselves as to course content, duration, etc.

Change of Address: The college needs to be informed of any changes of address so as to ensure the prompt delivery of all correspondence.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited in any part of the  premises.

Student Property: Responsibility cannot be accepted for loss or damage to the property of participants.

Disclaimer: The contents of this site are for information purposes only. No guarantee is given that the programmes, syllabi or fees may not be altered, cancelled or otherwise amended at any time.